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Performance appraisals are extremely important since they increase two-way communication between management and workers, it results in mutual planning and goal setting, it helps identify performance problems and requirements, space for employee growth (promotions etc) and job satisfaction. It is important to retain employees since an organization is useless without them.

Performance appraisals also help in taking employee-development related actions and these can be to cater to the needs of dissatisfied employees in order to increase job satisfaction and recognition so that employee turnover can be prevented. It is important to help the employees grow personally by helping them to fulfill their self actualization needs. It is also important to check for employee obsolescence that is when the employees do not posses the knowledge or abilities to perform competitively and that is where they require training and development programs to boost their careers. In this case the management style of the manager is highly incompetent and obsolete (Boxall & Purcell, 2008).

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Essay: Performance appraisals
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