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In order to prevent and control the disease, pertussis vaccine has been introduced. DTPa vaccine is recommended in children at 2, 4 and 6 months and a booster at 4 years. A booster of dTPa is also recommended at 12-17 years. dTPa vaccine is also recommended for children who have higher exposure to children, for e.g health care workers, parents, couples who are planning pregnancy and school teachers.

There are a number of general preventive strategies which can be implemented to control spread of pertussis. The individuals who are at most risk are infants who have not been vaccinated and those younger than 6 months. Therefore, all the contacts should be immunized and individuals with cough should avoid exposure with infants and get proper medical advice (Bryant, 2007).

When an infected neonate is identified in a neonatal nursery, there are a number of infection control steps which should be taken. Firstly, the diagnosis should be confirmed by laboratory investigations and the neonate should also be screened for other infectious diseases.

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Essay: Pertussis index case in the neonatal nursery
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