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The event is on a nonprofit basis and they are not a profit organization so they do not have a mission statement and in place they have a charter. Their charter which is a replacement for their mission statement is to promote quality food, talent and lifestyle of Melbourne and Victoria in order to reinforce the culinary city ofAustralia (Melbourne, 2009).

Objectives of the Event

  • Promote quality food of Melbourne and Victoria
  • Promote talent and lifestyle of Melbourne
  • To reinforce Melbourne as the culinary city of Australia.

Indicate the selection criteria of goals

The goals are quality based since they wish to satisfy attendees and promote Melbourne and Victoria.

Making profits

  • This festival is on a nonprofit basis since the major purpose is to promote Melbourne and Victory as a culinary engine of Australia.


  • No economic gain only promotion for Melbourne and Victoria.

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Essay: Planning of the Event; Food Festival
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