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The festival is already the largest in the world it was a huge success this year as well. The festival has been a major success due to the love and passion the team of the festival showers on their attendants and the unique food offerings along with it have made the festival a roaring success. The popularly acclaimed chefs of the world have commented on the success of the festival. Will Goldfarb who is a Master Chef inNew Yorkcommented that the huge success of the festival is incredible and the quality of the food and chefs of the festival are excellent which proves the city’s remarkable food sensibility.Melbourneis the place for the major food figures to be since all the acclaimed chefs of the world are available at one festival (Regmi, 2001).


  • The tickets for the major festivals are too expensive so they can come up with a promotional strategy of a lucky draw by giving two or three tickets for free.
  • The management can also give tourists the chance to participate in another lucky draw that can give them a chance to win a free stay or maybe free tickets for two or three major events of the season. This will pull more crowds to the event.
  • They can also hold one of the events internationally in any other country just to promote the event further.

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Essay: Post Evaluation of Melbourne Food and Wine Festival
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