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The paper by Bigsten et al studies the poverty growth and reduction in Ethiopia. On the other hand the other paper is focused on counting the poor people in the world through household panel surveys. The paper on poverty in Ethiopia has used quantitative research method so the data has been quantified and the results derived accordingly plus a large number of case representatives have been used thus a large sample has been used, the data collection is structured and the analysis of the data has been done using statistic methods.

There are recommendations as well. This paper studies the effects of growth in poverty in Ethiopia and the data used to analyze the research topic has been taken from panel data taken for the period 1994-1997. This period has been taken because it was prominent for a recovery of the economy and good macroeconomic management by the Ethiopian government. The analysis shows the determinants or other factors that have a greater impact on poverty compared to growth and these include ownership of land, education statistics, and the kinds of crops that have been planted, types of occupations in the urban areas, dependency ratio and location.

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Essay: Poverty growth and reduction in Ethiopia
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