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This is a 16 day event with 200+ events all overAustraliaunder the banner. The festival has certain highlights including breakfast, lunch, dinner and wine tasting. The events have entertainment as well and the attendants get to sample all food and wine offerings. This year the festival had the World’s Longest Lunch which had an expensive ticket but it was recorded in the Guinness book of world records.

Similarly, they have Connex Sizzle which had a cheaper ticket but it’s placed in a giant backyard with barbecue and beer plus they have different kid’s activities as well in this event. Another event is Cellar door atSouthgatewhich showcases more than 60 types of wineries that can be sampled for $5-$10. Wicked Sunday is for kids since it’s a chocolate festival with all the yummy chocolate delicacies and even cooking classes for kids are included. They even have a chocolate playground for kids. Feasting Vignettes are weekend events that are held prior to all events as a start up. The Stars of Europe is the grand dinner which has taken inspiration from A Midsummer’s Nights Dream and it’s in a garden with that setting but the ticket for this event is expensive. The food available is grand since all the delicacies are available for dinner. The Global Trends is an informative session providing all information regarding food and wine industry. The Roasters week is a week for all the good coffee which provides palate training and cupping sessions. This is a 7 day event with different types of coffee tasting every day. They even have opportunities for new chefs who attend the training sessions and on performance one of them wins to be placed inLondonas a major chef. The festival also has an emerging winemaker award (Melbourne, 2009).

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Essay: Products at Melbourne Food and Wine Festival
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