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The company must have an advertisement that promotes the entire company on the whole since corporate image is most important for any company. The idea of promoting every product at a separate time of the year is good since the focus must remain on the current product only. But small reminders before the beginning of the period for another product shall increase retention amongst customers.

These reminders can simply be through SMS for existing customers and new customers can be educated by sending in a representative from the company to a related program on television since there are programs that invite people from companies and the channel has to be business related which will grasp our target market. Personal products sell during the first three months of the year. The advertisement for existing customers is good enough but new customers can be acquired through other means as well. During the campaign the company can educate its customers further by holding an event especially to sell the product since this will add oomph to the entire campaign. This is a bit expensive but it will prove beneficial but the company can cut down its advertisements via printed material since a television ad and a magazine or newspaper ad will be more than enough.

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Essay: Promotion Strategies
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