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Dell has not been efficient lately since its system of direct sell is not being well managed. They have had problems in recording customer orders and they have not been paying much attention to their customer relationship management process. Since their service of purchasing through telephone is also not being managed that well. This just shows the company is being inefficient in coping up with the demand and selling through their direct sell model.

Dell is not making sure they are meeting quality standards since recently in Canada they were selling defective notebooks that overheat due to a technical fault by the company and overheating causes the notebooks to catch fire or explode in some cases. A suit has been filed against the company. Dell has been neglecting its inefficiencies and has been overconfident with their past success. Mostly customers are facing problems related to quality and specifications. Battery problems are also an issue now. Dell needs to check its technical specifications in order to avoid such problems and maintain good quality since all these problems are giving Dell a bad name and negative goodwill and customers are shifting to competitors. The major issue and problem is mismanagement in Dell. The employees are not motivated so they are shifting to competitors and declining growth and sales is a common problem. Customer satisfaction problems are more than evident. The company has had its largest safety recall in the history of consumer electronics after some of the safety problems mentioned above. They have had an MP3 market withdrawal and the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) conducted a formal investigation of the company. Their stock prices have been going down and everyone feels Dell has lost its once incredible cost advantage as well. Therefore, common opinion is that there is dusk at Dell!

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Essay: Quantitative Data Analysis on Dell
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