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According to all respondents from Mc Donald’s, HRM at McDonalds has always been a matter of great concern and the company has managed to stay at the top in the field. They are a restaurant with a difference because they give due importance to their employees since they believe that the company is nothing without them and the employees have to be given their share.

They believe human resources are an asset to the company and the assets need to be handled with a lot of care and diligence. They have certain policies and strategies to manage their employees and provide them the importance and care that they truly deserve. McDonalds provides benefits to retain its employees like competitive wages, haircut discounts, wage increases, life insurance, education support, uniforms, and flexible hours, paid vacations, bonus schemes and stock purchase plans. This is one reason why employees at McDonalds do not wish to leave the corporation at any cost.

McDonalds is a bureaucracy which is a well divided and administered system of    persons. Employees in such companies are recruited along a proper system and they have linear careers. This structure has a hierarchy and people in different authorities and positions. The structure is usually top-down and information flows top to bottom. This structure also consists of formal and informal networks that assist the smooth running of the company

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Essay: Research on McDonald’s Employees
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