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The interview conducted on new APN students enrolled in master’s program showed that the students preparing for APN programs felt that the education program and studies were stressful and overburdening occasionally but it would definitely have long term personal and professional benefits as it would help them acquire knowledge and skills which would be the basic need for their practice (Williamson, 2006). Similarly, Furlong has also identified that APNs have to face a lot of challenges throughout their practice and therefore, they should have adequate and appropriate knowledge to fulfill their roles and duties and act as pioneers in their profession (Furlong, 2005).

This issue has been addressed in a number of ways. Various professional organizations have been formed which introduce new educational programs and training courses for ONPs. Oncology Nursing Society (ONS) publishes peer reviewed research papers and recent guidelines for reference. They also provide a good network system and quality nursing education (Oncology Nursing Society). Other similar organizations include American Cancer Society, Canadian Cancer Society, National Cancer Institute, etc. various oncology nursing resources include Advances in Oncology, Cancer Connection,, Childhood Cancer Research Nurses Group and Association of Pediatric Oncology Nurses (Oncology Nursing Resources). Oncology Nursing Society Foundation promotes nursing education and research by providing funds and grants to nursing practitioners (Oncology Nursing Society Foundation).

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Essay: Research on ONPs and APNs
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