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Even after so many years, a unanimous decision regarding the outcomes of gastric bypass surgery has not been reached. A number of studies have identified the risks and benefits associated with this procedure but scant literature is available on long term outcomes and mortality rates of this surgery. A review by Pories (Pories), research conducted by Adams (Adams) and an article by Robyn Shelton (Sheldon) provide a detailed account of benefits of gastric bypass.

Pories has reported that gastric bypass surgery produces a weight loss of more than 100 pounds, controls comorbidities and decreases mortality. The results of his study show that in a 16 yr follow up of 608 patients who underwent gastric bypass, the average weight loss was 106 pounds. The differences in weight loss are influenced by various factors including demographics, socioeconomic status, eating habits and occupation of the patient. The most remarkable and beneficial finding reported by Pories was the cure of diabetes type II in 83% of diabetic patients and euglycemia in 99% of the patients with impaired glucose tolerance. Similarly, a reduction in mortality due to diabetes was also seen in studies reviewed. Gastric bypass and subsequent weight loss lead to remission of other diseases associated with obesity like hypertension, asthma, gastroesophageal reflux disease, etc.

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Essay: Risks in the Gastric Bypass Surgery
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