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The role of ONPs is very demanding and their job is very stressful. They have a lot of duties to perform. ONPs play a crucial role in improving healthcare facilities, promoting excellent quality of life for oncology patients and increasing efficiency and cost effectiveness of continued care (Hamric, 2005). ONPs complete their master’s or doctorate degree in oncology to acquire special training, knowledge and skills essential for their practice.

They are directly responsible for the quality of care being delivered to all patients. The practice of ONPs includes symptomatic as well as palliative care, health assessment and supervision and prescription of medications. They work as experts in their specialty and help not only patients but also their families and community and promote awareness about cancers and ways to prevent them or detect at an earlier stage when they are treatable. ONPs work in collaboration with oncologists and other nurses to address patient’s problems and concerns. They are also involved in conducting different research studies in their field and make every effort to keep themselves up to date with current knowledge and treatment regimens and protocols. They also act as a liaison between nurses and doctors as well as patients and doctors (Itano, 2005). They are even capable of running individual clinics and managing patients in the absence of doctors. They also meet the psychological needs of the patients and talk to them for hours if the need be.

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Essay: Role of Oncology Nurse Practitioners
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