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The third feature of SHRM is Framework which includes strategies that provide a broad, contingency-based and integrative framework. HR goals and activities need to be different according to different environments in order for them to be mutually reinforcing. The talent management program at Standard Chartered has different appraisal systems and these include either 180 degrees appraisals or 360 degrees appraisals but different types are implemented in different environments; for e.g.

Standard Chartered in Africa uses 360 degrees appraisal but in China they more reticent so they use 180 degree appraisals and it’s a fact that it entirely depends on the local manager and what he/she thinks fits best with the environment. A service centre in India produces regular human capital score cards so that the bank can show to the local managers with these numbers that how have they been performing in comparison with other branches. The employees according to the program are classified according to their performance appraisals but these classifications are not announced openly to prevent resentment so according these appraisals the talent is retained, some are trained and others might be removed.

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Essay: SHRM Framework at Standard Chartered
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