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The ISI makes sure to provide these militants with the latest arms including the SVD Dragnov, AK-47’s, sniper rifles, 12.7 mm heavy machine guns etc. They have also been providing the militants with ‘chemical missiles’, 1.07 mm rockets, 60 mm mortars, 40 mm automatic grenade launchers etc (McCollum).

Since their weapons are often seized on the line of control the supply of weapons has increased. The weapons usually come from the mujhahideen in Afghanistan and arms bazaar in NWFP. Obviously ISI has been providing these militants with monetary benefits as well. The ISI has also been providing them with efficient communication systems like radios, collapsible solar-systems, frequency scanning devices and some of the components are made from Japan (M. L. Kotru).

The ISI has been able to lure the JK Armed Police of India to be working under ISI. Many officials from Armed police are now employed by ISI secretly and this irresponsibility of the Indian government. Since now through these Armed forces who are secretly working for ISI leak all the critical information to ISI. Thus, ISI uses it smartly to support the Kashmiri militants (Sehgal).

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Essay: Supply of Ammunition by ISI
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