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In order to recruit externally there is one important recommendation which will land up the company with the best candidates.

  1. Benchmarks:

It is important to set benchmarks and by paying careful attention to certain areas within the business and they are as follows:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Strategic Leadership
  • Training and development
  • Growth (personal and organizational)
  • Balance in work and life (avoid abnormal working hours like till midnight since no one wants to work this late.)
  • Quality of work life should be excellent
  • A sufficient amount of growth and learning opportunities within the firm
  • Competitive compensation plans and benefits.
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Care and concern for the employees.
  • Surveys and focus groups can help conduct a research in the market to learn about the benchmarks and then adapting the most competitive strategies in order to be the employer of choice. Market research is a good tool to survey within the organization and also outside the organization to collect relevant data and adapt the most competitive strategy to become the employer of choice in the market.

In order to recruit internally one major recommendation which will keep all employees motivated and satisfied is as follows:

  • Candidates should be evaluated on their potential rather than only on their proven successful track record. An appropriate balance between potential and past track record of candidates be considered for their selection internally.
  • Salaries of existing employees must always be increased and brought up to par with new incumbents and this can be done with special salary increases.

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Essay: Tips for the Selection Process
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