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TQM is a method designed to prevent errors, such as poor quality products, from happening. The business is organized so that the manufacturing process is investigated at every stage. TQM includes quality chains (Integration of the series of suppliers and customers), company policy and accountability (Starts at the top and spreads down to every employee in the business who is individually responsible for anything he/she does.), control (quality audits) and monitoring the process (to find possible improvements through a statistical process control that collects data and presents it in diagrams or graphs. It reduces variability in production) (Hayes &Upton, 1998).

Another suggestion is to have a maintenance department that should be automated with a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS). This will make work more efficient. A value stream map will help identify waste and improvement opportunities. The data (time, errors, distances, queues and key issues) available from the CMMS must be analysed to check for any discrepancies and any opportunities for improvement (Flamholtz, 1979).

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Essay: TQM in Bakery
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