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All suspected individuals should be isolated if their immune status is not known. High risk individuals might require varicella immunoglobulins and acyclovir prophylaxis.

It is important to strictly follow all these infection control measures where people are at a higher risk of acquiring varicella infection. The individuals at higher risk include pregnant women and neonates. Hospital areas where patients are at higher risk include oncology ward, maternity units, pediatric wards, infectious diseases, hematology and liver and kidney transplant units (Asmal, 2007; Chickenpox- Shingles (Varicella- Zoster Virus Infections): Prevention and Control).

All the members of health care staff should have their immune status checked and should be immunized if they do not have immunity against varicella. All the new members employed should also have their immunity checked against varicella.

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Essay: Varicella index case
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