Employee turnover is different for different organizations depending on the industry they are operating within and also the environment. For e.g. in the hospitality industry which is more labor intensive it ranks between 200%-300% on an annual basis. Thus, statistics show that the entire staff of this industry turns over around two to three times a year (Woods, 1997).

The organizations chosen for this study McDonalds and Microsoft are also operating within a labor intensive industry individually. According to (Walker, 1992) employee turnover is a ratio of the number of employees leaving the organization during a specified period of time against the number of employees still working for the organization. Employee turnover can also be termed as the changes experienced by the organization due to recruitment, resignation, leaves or discharge of employees (Erdo─čan, 1992). The research is aimed to find out whether proper recruitment can minimize turnover or not which will show the relation between the two aspects of study. Oakley (2000) argues that explanations for the low representation of women at chief executive level must go beyond organizational policies and practices and should examine the impact of gender-based behavioral dynamics. The more recent approaches over the past decade consider how perceptions of management influence the opportunities for women. The real evolution of the working mother has become more defined in past five years, as the balance between work and life has almost become one entity.

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Literature Review on Employee Recruitment
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