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My teacher picked me up from my apartment one day and took me for an actual market research. He was working on a research paper and thought this experience might help me understand the market even better. This was an eye opening experience since I learnt a lot of important things about the market and especially regarding restaurants. I interviewed some of the restaurant owners and got to know the actual market situation including the risks and the opportunities. I was in the process of preparing myself to hit the market with a bang and grab a good share in the market to ensure success of my business.

I have yet to complete my graduation and as soon as it’s done I shall launch my restaurant. I have worked on my business plan and without my teacher’s assistance the Herculean task of developing an excellent business plan would not have been possible. My father was proud of me when I told him about my business plan and promised me full monetary and non-monetary support with it. He asked me to complete my graduation and get in to launching the business. I also plan to do my post graduation once my business takes off in the market and until I am done with my post graduation; my family has promised me to run the business. I have planned to apply toHarvardBusinessSchoolsince my teacher inspired me get further education from the best business school. I see myself as a graduate from Harvard and a successful entrepreneur of a chain of restaurants in various states with a flourishing family business.

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