The aim of this dissertation is to compare and critically analyse the internationalisation effort and strategies of Unicer and Central de Cervejas in their fight for their global brand dominance. Both the companies, Unicer and Central de Cervejas are huge organizations which produce a number of products in different categories of beverages for the beverage and the drinks market in the region.

Moreover they are immensely popular in the Portugal region. However the companies which were established around the same time in 1977 and as a result share similar company background and history are competing aggressively with each other to attain the position of the largest and the most dominant organization in the beverage industry. Aside from this the companies are also striving to land positions of pioneering and significant leadership in the different categories of their product and category lines as well.

This report as a result also strives to identify the positions of importance that these two companies occupy in the beverage industry in the local region, i.e.Portugal, as well as in the Global market. Moreover the dissertation also aims to identify the other brands and companies Unicer and Central de Cervejas have to compete with in order to attain the position of the market leader in the global market for the beverage and beer industry.

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Aim of Marketing Management Dissertation
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