The following dissertation is based on the topic of international marketing management. It strives to encompass a critical analysis and comparison of two medium Portuguese companies in the beverages market. The companies are Unicer and Central De Cervejas which are the biggest in the home market but medium compared with other competitors in a global context. Central de Cervejas is currently owned by Scottish & Newcastle and therefore their comparison can not only provide insight into and bridge the gap between theory and practice, but also provide ground for the develop of competition strategies to achieve global brand status in a highly competitive environment.

                This dissertation analyses the strategies, the coordination and implementation of marketing activities, the internationalisation and market entry strategies. To achieve these objectives the research methods conducted include in-depth interviews with international marketing directors and the management personnel in marketing for the two companies. Questionnaires were also out to other subsidiaries and executives. Secondary data was also researched, especially company reports and financial information. Aside form this peer reviewed articles and authorized journal articles were also employed to collect information pertaining to the companies as well as bout the different international marketing strategies used in the past by marketers and different companies. Moreover the collected data has been analysed through quantitative as well as qualitative data analysis techniques to arrive and conclusions about the marketing strategies and the strategic positions the two companies sin the international market. Building on literature this dissertation proves theory of existing marketing strategies.

This dissertation intends therefore to demonstrate implications and develop strategies to successfully compete in the highly competitive global market. This dissertation takes a multidisciplinary approach to resemble the reality which international marketers operate in modern day-to-day.

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Dissertation Abstract on Marketing Management
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