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The company has altered its personal management policies and strategies to reflect transparency and accountability in the management. This was done by reengineering the core processes of the company and redefining the roles of the managers. By employing such a reforming technique the company has been able to increase the efficiency of the business as well as retain its current workforce. Moreover the company has also been able to enhance the processes dedicated to marketing activities by focusing on the quality of the product and service as perceived by the customers.

The growing retail baking segment in the regional as well as the international market is also providing the company with opportunities for growth. However in order to overcome its organizational challenges and its weaknesses the company will have to develop a standard for human resource management at all its service delivery centers around the world. The company needs to be proactive in order to take advantage of the opportunities presented to it and requires an integrative approach to increasing the communication in for its operations in the different regions. Moreover the investment made by the company in its human resource is beneficial for the company as it increase the availability of the professionals in the market therefore enabling the company to have a significant human resource at hand for its increasing nature of operations.

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Essay: Accenture Company’s Future
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