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The monitoring and controlling of the action plan will be conducted by the senior management and the board of director at the head office inAustralia. The operations in theCzechRepublicwill be directly answerable to the headquarters in Australia for the first five years while the Quartz Company develops and establishes itself in the European market.

The main issues that would be faced by the Quartz Company for its operations in the Czech Republicpertain to establishing itself in a different market in Europe which is much more sophisticated than the market in Australia. The other issues that the company will have to face pertain to issues of entering the marketing, establishing operations in the foreign market, building relationships with customers as well a targeting the customers with a high quality product offered at low prices.

The report concludes that it is profitable for the Gourmet company to select Czech Republic as the country amongst the east European nations that can be invested in. this is supported by the market forecast for the Czech food retail industry which depicts that “in 2012, the Czech food retail industry is forecast to have a value of $11.2 billion, an increase of 11.4% since 2007.” (‘Czech Country Profile’, 2008)

The report has been able to summaries a business proposal for operating in the Czech Republic specific to the clocks, watches and the timepieces industry. The opportunities and threats as have been presented along with the specific marketing strategies that can be employed by the Quartz Company to establish itself in the Czech Republic.

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Essay: Action Plan of Strategy implementation by Quartz
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