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The ecommerce solution is beneficial and advantageous for HMV as:

  1. It allows the company to increase its customer base by targeting those customers as well who are not serviced by the physical retail stores. Moreover those customers which are not within the geographical range of the local market can be targeted through the ecommerce site as well. This translates into increases sales and profitability in the long run for the business.
  2. The commerce solution provides an increased visibility for the HMV in terms of exposure. The HMV Company can directly market to its customers with a more efficient return per advertisement if they place their ads through marketing campaigns on the internet. Moreover the HMV company can also build customer loyalty through the ecommerce option
  3. The ecommerce solution is usually much less costly to develop, initiate and maintain than the physical retail stores. Moreover the invisible inventory also allows for minimization of costs of operation and storage for the company. Moreover the marketing and advertising costs are also reduced.
  4. The ecommerce option also enables the HMV e-store to be open to customers on a continuous basis. They can access the store any time of the day, on any day of the week.  This continuity in terms of the open timings of the stores enables the HMV Company to increase its sales on a per day basis as well.
  5. The ecommerce transactions eventually result in the storage of customer data. This customer data can be employed in a CRM suite and can be used for marketing and research purposes by the HMV Company. This would give the HMV company competitive edge over its competitors as it will have more insight into its customers and can proactively as per the changes due to take place in its target market.

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Essay: Advantages of Ecommerce for HMV
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