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There are several advantages for expanding into the Chinese Market for Inchcape (Liu & Lu, 2004):

  • Chinais the new emerging and explosive vehicle market presently and it gives companies immense growth opportunities.
  • The market is huge due to the largest population in the world and the demand for vehicles is high. It’s the new craze there.
  • The market is huge so it gives a number of segments to target. The companies can target different and huge segments in the market.
  • It is the third largest automobile market since 2003 and the country has experienced a 44.4% growth annually. This is a huge number! The sales turnover inChinain this industry is 453.132billion Yuan.
  • Companies can exploit the market and gain competitive advantages for an increased market share and profitability.
  • The Chinese economy is going strong with an increasing GDP and thus the disposable income has increased. It is an emerging market with immense growth opportunities.

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Essay: Advantages of expanding into Chinese Market
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