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Aside from just targeting the children through the mass media the players in the fast food market have also established other methods of direct communication with the children by which they are able to compel and attract the children towards their products and market their product lines to them. One such method is making the products available at schools for lunch breaks. “In this regard, the public schools represent an inviting target–26 million potential and often willing customers.” (Beaver, 1999)

The fast food companies have invested considerably in expanding their reach to the target market in all the regions both in America as well as in the international market. “McDonald’s has over 12,000 domestic restaurants, Pizza Hut about 9,000, while Burger King operates over 7,000 stores, and the numbers will continue to grow, since most chains have plans for continued expansion. This means not only that the competition will become more heated, but that the typical American, if not already, will be only a few minutes away from some fast-food restaurant.” (Beaver, 1999)

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Essay: Advertising Focused on Children in Fast Food
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