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Affirmative action policies were initiated by the United Statesin order to encourage diversification and appreciation of the minority groups giving them representation. However with time the level of diversity in the education institutions and the workplace has increased, making the affirmative action policy somewhat redundant and discriminatory in itself.

The perception of the affirmative action policy and its application has gradually added to its unpopularity. While it is clear that the way it has been applied in the United Stateshas promoted quota based discrimination, steps need to be taken to revise the policy updating it to the current market and environmental conditions.

A clause should be inducted into theĀ  affirmative action policy that does allows those with higher competence, skills and a betterĀ  profile to attain the job or a position at an education institution over the affirmative action quota. Those who are inducted on the basis of the affirmative action quota should be carefully analyzed in terms of their profile and capabilities, providing them equal opportunity on the basis of their competencies instead of to simply fulfill a quota.

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Essay: Affirmative action policies in US
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