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The supporters of the affirmative action policies are of the opinion that it maximizes the benefits for the society as a whole. America has a strong history of discrimination especially when it pertains to people with different ethnic origins and orientation. However the affirmation action program is seen by many as a positive step taken by the government to encourage diversity in the work place, and education institutions.

“This racial tension argument is very similar to the stigma argument against affirmative action and can be dismissed along the same lines. Racial tension existed long before affirmative action, and to believe that these programs cause them lacks any sense of history. In fact, affirmative action may very well reduce racial tension, forcing people to interact together and work as a unit in a professional and intellectual level across racial lines.”(Lewis, 1998)

The analysis conducted has revealed that while initially the policy was set by the government for positive results, of late the affirmation action policy has been garnering negative popularity. However simultaneously the analysis has also depicted that there are many who oppose the policy as well. They term affirmative action as being a legalized form of discrimination where those with minority origins tend to be rewarded regardless to the effort that they put in while those who work hard are often looked over.

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Essay: Affirmative Action Policies
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