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The purpose of the paper is to identify and explore the concept of affirmative actions and determine its usage in the United States. For the purpose of this research data was gathered through books, websites, and legal compilations for policies by theUnited Statesgovernment that was analyzed in a qualitative and subjective manner. The findings from the analysis depicted that while affirmative action policy was inducted in order to promote the rights of the minorities for educating, healthcare and employment leading towards equal opportunity, with time the affirmative action quota has raised questions on the affirmation policy being a legalized form of discrimination. In order to resolve this it has been recommended that the element of competency should also be added to the criteria for the affirmation quota whereby only those that represent the minority groups and are competent for the position are offered the revenant opportunities over others.

The purpose of this paper is to identify what is affirmative action. The concept of affirmative action is to be explored along with the applicability of the concept in United States. With the increasingly diverse work environment with people form multiple ethnicities and backgrounds coming together to work with each other towards a common goal, affirmative action has become pronounced affirmative action is being called for when dealing with employment, decision making, consumer profiling as well as when a company invests in programs for the community with socially responsible citizenship schemes. The following paper highlights how affirmative action is being used in the aforementioned fields and what is the scope for business in the future in the light of affirmative actions.

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Essay: Affirmative actions in US
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