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The airline industry has been strongly affected by the events of the 9/11, whereby the perception of the customers about flying and important elements of airline service have dynamically changed. A study was conducted to determine the consumer purchase decisions specific to the traveling overseas that’s depicts that “reasons for travel, frequency of travel, class of flight, and type of airline used influenced the level of importance attached by consumers to different elements of the service offering.” (Oyewole &Choudhury, 2006) research also indicates that the service quality and the service levels of a company improve customers’ satisfaction which in turn has an effect on the performance of the company in general. “Increasing customer service raises customer satisfaction and that increasing customer satisfaction improves corporate performance.” (Dresner & Kefeng, 1995)

While trade in the airline industry is growing, the performance if the airlines and the general satisfaction level of the customers has been decreasing exponentially. “One of the biggest problems today within the airline industry is the constant complaining from customers regarding the deterioration of service. Since 1995, unfortunately no airline has been immune from service deterioration” (Hunter, 2006). This is largely due to the increasing competition in the airline industry and the conservative approach of the people towards flying after the September 11 terrorist attacks. The airline companies therefore have sought to differentiate their products and services form others in the industry by providing more customized services to the customers.

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Essay: Airline Industry Analysis
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