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Amazon provides a service that allows companies to purchase space from the robust computing system. Utility computing is a new service in the era of data management and Amazon provides this service at the most competitive prices. No fee or deposit is charged for subscription and the pay-as-you-go model enables companies to save cost and utilize the storage space that is expensive to have by simply paying to Amazon.

The company provides Simple Storage Service (S3) and Elastic Compute Cloud (ECT). S3 is used to make web scale computing more efficient and easier. It costs as low as 15cents for a gigabyte and the company purchasing it does not require any client software or hardware, which is unlike many services available in the market. ECT is used for computing tasks and testing software. It costs 10 cents per instance hour consumed, which is the most competitive price in the market. The service also includes a 20 cents per GB a month for data traffic either inbound or outbound and the installation of Amazon Machine Image, which helps store libraries, applications, data etc (Conference on Supercomputing, SC 2005).

This service has enabled Amazon to utilize their unused storage capacity efficiently and also benefit other companies at the same time. Amazon has become the pioneer of utility computing which has increased their business base and also generated goodwill for them. This service has increased their prospects of having future business and diversify their business portfolio especially after the dot com bubble burst and the global recession (Florentina I. Popovici and John Wilkes, 2005). The company has also transferred the benefits of their business to other businesses, which will help them increase their client base (Florentina I. Popovici and John Wilkes, 2005).

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Essay: Amazon Inc
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