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Other businesses have benefitted as well since Amazon is providing the most competitive prices and providing a service that does not require client software or any initial fees, in fact it’s a pay-as-you-go model that helps companies to extend their infrastructure virtually at a very low cost. These companies outsource their data storage and management services to Amazon and the cost of having a network or system administrator. But Amazon is the first one to come up with this service but they are going to suffer the effects since if any of the big shots like sun Microsystems or HP or IBM which have a comparatively much bigger system, introduce utility computing in the market then Amazon’s market will is most likely to be gobbled up by them (Jeanne W. Ross and George Westerman, 2004).

Mostly, this service will benefit small businesses that are price sensitive and do not have the strength to establish complex infrastructures of computing systems and data management. Large businesses can also benefit since outsourcing is a great way of transferring the responsibility to another company, hence it helps reap certain advantages. For e.g. Nasdaq has a big infrastructure and it is reaping the advantages of the service provided by Amazon (Florentina I. Popovici and John Wilkes, 2005).

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Essay: Amazon’s Business
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