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This type of web based business will require a huge storage capacity for which it can purchase S3 services from Amazon which is cost effective and also useful. S3 provides a scalable storage infrastructure that is a pay-as-you-go model with no initial fees, which will be cost effective for the client business. In order to run a global e-commerce network S3 is the most cost effective option that will support the system. S3 includes web hosting, image hosting and a back-up system and it comes with a 99.9% monthly uptime guarantee, which is a requirement for this type of business. Hence S3 will be useful for this type of web-based business (Martin Placek and Rajkumar Buyya, 2006).

This type of business can also use EC2, which will provide them virtual computers to run their applications that will add substance to the site, and EC2 enables scalable deployment of applications by providing a web service through which the client use Amazon Machine Image, which is called instance and it contain any software. The user can control the instances so it is elastic compute cloud and it will assist in latency optimization as well as increased levels of redundancy (Michael, 2004). The service provides consistent storage, an elastic IP address and automated scaling. Both services are low cost and efficient which makes them all the more attractive plus due to Amazon’s robust computing structure both are the best and the most reliable option in the market compared to competitors (META, 2004).

Hence this type of business can use both services to have an efficient and cost effective system.

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Essay: Amazon’s Technological Strength
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