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A new web based business of an interactive online store is a new age business that pitches in customers related to clothes, shoes, accessories, decoration items, food etc to upload images with details of their products where they can also add in notes or stories to add color to their store.

This is a medium that has great customer base and it provides a service of opening up a store for small businesses where they can post items for sale and also interact with their customers. The customers will have to subscribe to buy stuff which makes it somewhat a social networking site but that has items on sale (Rajkumar Buyy, 1999). The interface will have a newsfeed and a personal account to add things to cart, purchase and also provide their product reviews. This is an excellent service for small businesses to grow and its also an effective start up web based business that is guaranteed to pull off within a year especially in a market where online purchasing is a new and developing concept and social networking is a norm (Martin Placek and Rajkumar Buyya, 2006).

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Essay: Amazon’s Web Based Business
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