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The different stages of the business processes of procurement, production as well as the disbursement of the finished goods of the motor vehicles in the market can be made efficient through the application of the principles of the Toyota Production System. However the research has depicted that it is important in order to support the Toyota Production System and the just in time methodology, the automobile companies will have to significantly invest in communication and collaboration technology which can aid links with the business partners of the company.

Some of the companies operating in the automotive industry have started using the internet based communication and data transfer technology of EDI to facilitate their communications with their suppliers, and their dealers to better project and collaborate their operations according to the demand for the product in the market. “Automotive suppliers that have adopted EDI perceive a better customer service than non adopters. Similarly, automotive suppliers that have integrated EDI with their management information systems perceive better customer service than do companies that have not integrated EDI.” (Sanchez & Perez, 2004)

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Essay: Analysis of Business processes at Toyota
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