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In my opinion the right decision taken by the management is the first and most important step to ensure success of the new system. Then the consultants to implement the new system that in this case were SC consultants and they turned out to be incompetent should have been carefully chosen.

Since the IT department at Maxima was weak they needed external consultants so they should have asked the evaluation team that evaluated the systems available in the market to furthermore evaluate the consultant services available in the market. The proposed consultant firms out of the many in the market should have been asked for a record of their experience in implementing such systems in other organizations and of course the decision would depend on how successful they were in the implementation of the system in other organizations. Along with it the management should have asked the consultant firms to show them a prototype of how they would implement the new system in Maxima and this would have exposed all the problems beforehand that emerged later on during the implementation of the system.

Another issue was the gap between the management and the organization on the In my view, this way the management would have understood that these problems must be addressed or else they had the tendency to become chronic in the long term.

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Essay: Analysis of ERP Implementation at Maxima
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