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The mission statement of the Starbucks Company reflects that the company strives to become the world’s premium provider and supplier of coffee and coffee products. The whole idea is to take the traditional Italian café culture to the global market. The paper provides an analysis of the Starbucks operations as per its mission statement and depicts that aside from maintaining excellence in quality and keeping its initial image the company has been able to live up to its principles.

The Starbucks business was launched as an Italian style coffee shop which aims to promote community gathering and simple pleasures in life pertaining to literature, friends and good coffee. However somewhere along the line the operations of the Starbucks enterprise have started to reflect the McDonalds aura which speaks of multiple franchises offering standard products which are developed more so to attract than to provide good coffee to the customers.

It was apparent from the article titled ‘Saving Starbucks Soul’ that the company has seen a drastic change in its method of operation, its marketing strategies and it’s specific in store promotions and set up. The experience which was originally to be provided was of comfort and authentic good Italian coffee which had been personally prepared by the trained staff. However with the expanding network of Starbucks franchises and the increasingly different forms of coffees sold at the place, the company is now employing specialized modern equipment for the actual coffee blending, mixing and manufacture.

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Essay: Analysis of Starbucks’ Mission Statement
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