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The main objective and mission on which the company was initiated and established upon was that the Starbucks Company would be providing premium blends of coffee and coffee products to customers at superior quality which would be of the highest quality and taste in the world. However the company also stated that it was to grow while keeping in with its identified principles. These principles pertained to a great work environment for the staff. The company has actually been able to manage this and the work environment in Starbucks is very specialized, competitive and healthy for the staff.

            The second principle of the company dealt with the application of high standards of excellence to the processing and preparing of the coffee for the customers. This has been somewhat limited by the companies use of the specialized machines which alters the authentic exceptionally good coffee during its processing. Moreover the coffee products which are the end result sold at the counters of its franchises are often not having as high quality as they should be considering the good quality of inputs being employed in its processing.

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Essay: Analysis of Starbucks’ Objectives and Mission
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