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Tesco Plc is an international retail company and the ratio analysis of the company does show that it has an increasing profit trend throughout which shows the financial condition of the company keeps improving.

The ratios help give a true picture of the financial position of the company and from an investor’s point of view since our money is at stake the financial stability of the company is essential before an investor can think of investing. The analysis will be according to each ratio calculated and the interpretations will follow. The Company posted net revenue of Rs. 4.5 billion while making a net profit after tax of Rs. 76.218 million during the year.

The ratio analysis for 2005-2009 shows that the company was making a profit in 2005 but of course not as much as the current year 2009 and this increase in profits over the years are due to the improved strategies. The Company generated healthy cash flows from operating activities.

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Essay: Analysis of the Ratios of Tesco Plc
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