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The company applied the pricing pyramid approach and targeted the different segments of the market with the appropriate price for the product. Investment was made in research into the large customer base that the company has and develop new techniques to market the product which would not negate the company’s image. Other strategies included sponsorship educational institutions, educate about hazards of drunken driving and the benefits of propriety behavior and social drinking awareness.

                The company has depicted that it is proactive in its operation. As a result the company has been able to take advantage of the opportunities that have become present in the market. The company has promoted Budweiser and Bud light as the cash cow brands and applied diversified marketing techniques to the rest of the products being introduced in the international market. The company also conducted market research to Identify what products are required or there is a scope for, and manufactured and marketed them to the customers. The company also was able to identify the strategies that it had been able to successfully employ in the past, which could be profitable in the future as well. The company then went on to apply them in the international market

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Essay: Anheuser-Busch Company’s Marketing Approach
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