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A large part of the company’s business strategy is caring for its customers and being a responsible corporate and social citizen. In its efforts the company has taken the following steps in the past years:

  • Anheuser-Busch is collaborating with its wholesalers in order to fight against drunk driving and underage drinking for the promotion of socially responsible behavior and drinking responsibly.
  • Designing and implementing corporation wide policies to protect the environment and supporting conservation organizations.
  • The company attempts top reach out those in need of financial support and contributes to the community and charitable organizations.
  • The company invests in educational institutions to increase the skill and knowledge set in the communities.
  • The company supports and provides grants to the organizations which help build and strengthen families, and alleviate health issues.
  • The company gives out grants for societal and community development
  • Anheuser-Busch strives to enrich and enhance quality of life and promote joy by promoting cultural activities that increase cultural understanding.
  • The company provides scholarships and funds for those students who are in need of financial assistance through its Anheuser-Busch Foundation
  • The company also strives to improve the quality of life for its employees by developing the communities where its employees reside and establishing a Employee Volunteer Fund, through which it provides education and training to those employees who are unable to support themselves.
  • In order to provide fast disaster recovery the company has provided humanitarian aid and established relief programs for the victims of hurricane Katrina & Rita, and the chemical spill at Harbin and Songjiang, China.

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Essay: Anheuser-Busch’s business strategy
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