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In terms of professional experience however I have worked in multicultural environments which required fluency in Greek as well as English, German and Spanish. I also offered volunteering services to the Information Systems department at I.S.A. S.A.for three months in 2003. Additionally volunteer service was also provided by me to the Information Systems department at EBO in Pyrka, Hellenic Defense Systems S.A. for itsAthensoperations.  Moreover I also worked in Pyrkal for the dissertation pertaining to CNC machines in ΕΒΟ and provided volunteer work service as an accounting assistant at Metaloumin S.A for itsAthensbased operations as well. The personal interest that I have in the field of mechanical engineering pertains to the field of robotics, application of mechanical engineering in renewable resources as well as intelligent diagnosis and prognosis based on concepts.

My exposure to the technology and the research conducted in the fields of automation systems and robotic technology piqued my interest in the field of mechanical engineering and provoked me to pursue further education in the field of the application of the mechanical engineering and robotics for the employment, deployment and the utilization of renewable sources of energy. The initial exposure that I got into the field of engineering and its application for suitable and renewable energy resources was with the seminars attended pertaining to the role of robotics in health sciences and the use of intelligent technologies for machines in the army which were offered by theUniversityofPatras. Additionally the Seminar on “Doing Business inChina”, by Professor Fuming Wang at AUEB also provided me with precious insight into the field.

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Essay: Application in Mechanical Engineer
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