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Australia is one of the most diverse countries with a rich culinary industry providing blend of different cultures and different tastes. Moreover the cosmopolitan nature of the citySydneywhich is the perfect background for high a five star restaurant to cater to the different tastes of its clientele with excellent cuisines supported by excellent service. Restaurant Lebaen is one such restaurant, however the personnel at Lebaen have taken their excellent food quality and the quality of their service for granted. This paper explores how the service quality and the operations at the restaurant Lebaen can be improved, while training the staff to work their parts cohesively in making the restaurants a success.

Managing a busy operation like a restaurant in the hospitality industry is highly competitive and requires extensive work and precision in terms of setting targets and strategies to above the goals and objectives of the company. In order to improve the situation of the service quality as it is depicted at the Lebaen restaurant, it is required that the human resource needs to be trained in terms of their delivery of food and service. moreover the attitude of the staff needs to be adjusted which can be facilitated through internal healthy competition and regular meeting to discuss customer feedback as well as any staff issues. I addition to this the productivity as well as the efficiency of the restaurant needs to be monitored so the restaurant is profitable and effective in terms of achieving its stated objectives.

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Essay: Australian Restaurant Industry
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