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The beer market inPortugalis a large market compared to the wine and the spirit markets. The region has been depicting a somewhat steady trend since the 1990s I the beer market however in the year 2003 the market slowed down by a degree. Aside from that the beer industry in the region is booming.

The main product which is consumed at of 2003 in the region is the standard lager which forms 49.3 percent of the market. However there is a predicted to be a dramatic increase in the demand for the premium blends of the beers, standing at 48.6 in 2003, and the premium brands. This is going to be resulting in the premium larger sector to increase in the region. Aside from this the best channel of trade for the beer in thePortugalregion is the on trade channel through which 92.3 percent of the beer is traded.

The most string period of growth for the beer market in thePortugalregion was in the year 2004. However by 2008 the market is predicted to increase by 9.8 percent of what it was recorded at in 2003.

The leading players in the Portugal Beer market include Unicer S.A which comes at the leading position in the market. The second position is occupied by Sociedad Central de Cervejas

(SCC), which follows right behind Unicer. The third position however is held by the local beer manufacturing company called Grupo Sumol.

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Essay: Beer Market in Portugal
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