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The end result however which is determined by the corporations form investing in sponsorship programs is the resultant increase in the sale of its products and services. “A company that sees an immediate change in sales during and after sponsoring an event might expect to realize an even greater change in the months and years that follow.” (Sneath, Finney, & Close, 2005)

The benefits that are available to the corporation as a result of investing in sponsorship programs pertaining to special events take the form of increased good will for the company, a better reputation in the market, a positive associated image along with that of the affiliated party, as well as the increased credibility and the awareness of the company amongst the audience. The other benefit that is available to the companies through the use of event based sponsorships is that they are able to contact and interact with their prospective clients which can lead to fruitful relationships in the future for the company. Additionally the event based sponsorship provides a synergy based tool which can be employed by the companies as a marketing tool which is more effective and has a higher success rate than expensive adverting and promotional campaigns which are designed for above the line.

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Essay: Benefits of investing in Sponsorship
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