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Through secondary research it was also identified that Anheuser-Busch is the current leader in the global market for beers and beverages.  The company is a US based corporation and has extensive reach all over the world in the various international markets. Even inEuropethe brands of Anheuser-Busch have extensive presence, and recognition. The second position in the global market is held by SABMiller. However the top three leading enterprises in the global markets are extremely large organizations compared to SCC and Unicer.

The secondary research data also indicated that beer is the most preferred beverage in the region of Portugal when analysing the alcoholic market. The standard lager blend is most consumed, however the trend is indicated which depicts the premium brands of the Beer and the premium lager to be increasing substantially in the period of 2003-2008. This depicts that the premium brands of the beer would be attaining more demand and significance in the market. This is healthy for both the Unicer as well as the SCC Company as they have a host of different blends based on taste, quality, as well as price. The most sold product inn the market however remains the Super Bock and the Sagres. Employment of secondary research was also able to depict that the nature and the structure of the SCC Company makes it very different form Unicer. In fact the relatively new position of the company in the market makes it much more vulnerable to negative trends in the market and makes it much more susceptible to brand switching due to the change in the management in the year 2000. Moreover the company of SCC is right now following the guidelines of Scottish & Newcastle which is not making the business very adaptable to the environment.

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Essay: Beverage Companies’ Secondary Research Data
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