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When building a brand, the organization has the choice of the different types of brands which can be employed by the business. These take the form of:

-Premium Brands: Targeted at the higher income bracket of the market. They are usually high priced and charge and are highly valued

-Corporate Brands: This is the brand for a business or a company which essentially brands the business instead of the product or the service. This corporate brand can vary from the other brands of the business which may be product and service based.

-Family Brands: These are large brands which encompass a host of brands under them which share the family brand name

-Private Brands: These are products which are branded by the manufacturers themselves and sold on to the customers

-Store/ Retail Brands: Brands specifically launched and sold by the stores and the retail businesses

A combination of the brands can also be achieved resulting in three types of relationships between the brands and the sub brands. This takes the form of

-Branded House: A single unified name is used by these brands for their operations and activities

-Endorsed Brands: Usually form child brands which endorse their parent brands like Nescafe and Nestle etc.

-House of Brands: These are individual brands which are sold as unique brands and do not share a name with the parent brand.

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Essay: Brand Building
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