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The brand structure of the Unicer company as well as the SCC are both very similar I nature and appearance. The Unicer Company as the global brand of Super Bock which I one of the main best selling beers in thePortugalregion.

The company whoever has simultaneously launched different versiaon and variations of the Super Bock brand in the form of Super Bock Stout, Super Bock Green, Alcohol free Super Bock, Super Bock Abadia, Super Bock Tango, and Super Bock Cool. Aside from this the company also as other famous brands likes Carlsberg, Tuborg, and Tetley’s and Cristal which is further divided in to Cristal Original and Cristal Black.  The main global brand of the company, Super bock is supported by the different varying brands under the same name, i.e. Super Bock variations. These variations were developed in order to provide for the diverse tastes of the consumers in the local and the international beer market and to fit their lifestyles.

Similarly the SCC also has a whole tree of brands, in which the global brand for the company is the Sagres Branca Beer Brand and the Agua de Luso, which is a bottled water brand. The company supports the Sagre brand with varying brands under the same name as in Sagres Preta (Dark)Sagres Bohemia (Auburn), Sagres Chopp, Sagres Selecção (Special Edition) and Sagres Zero. The company however also hast a host of other brands in the category which differ in quality, taste, price as well as appeal to again fit the demands and the lifestyles of the company’s target market.

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Essay: Brand structure of Global Brewing Brands
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