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The premium image that is put forward by the brand provides the customers with high quality products and services. Moreover the premium image of the brand also results in the premium pricing which can be charged by the organization, increasing its profitability.

– It is possible for the organization to launch extensions of the brand which can aid the company in increasing its spread in the market therefore increasing its share.

– The Equity of a brand is much more than the equity of a product or service. This increases the equity and assets of the organization

– With branding the marketing expenses are lowered as the brand has to be built and launched only once. From there on it only needs to be maintained and adjusted in order to suit the consumers if necessary. This reduces the marketing expenses.

– Brands also provide consumers with options of purchasing items/ brands which are less risking an investment than the non branded products and services.

Benefits available to L’Oreal as a result of its branding efforts

-A memorable brand which evokes brand loyalty, thus lowering marketing expenses

-Familiarity and associations with celebrities and company values

-Premium image resulting in charging of premium pricing

-Expansion of the L’Oreal brand possible through brand extension products

-Clear and focused brand targeting specific segments of the market

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Essay: Branding Benefits
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