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The globalization of the brands strategy adopted by Unicer and the SCC Company is similar. They both employ the brand tree strategy according to which Unicer markets its main global brand the Super Bock and introduces variation to the brand as diversified products while SCC launched the Sagres as the global brand and launched its different versions as the differentiated products for the international markets.

The SCC Company has formed strategies for the marketing of the products and the service of the company in the international markets by focusing on the brands of the company and its stakeholders. The Unicer Company on the other hand has been employing a similar technique as well however it is additionally investing in increasing communication with and making the relationships stronger with the suppliers and the customers in the different markets.

The analysis and comparison of these two companies provide useful insight into the workings of international marketing programme in a very competitive environment by medium sized companies. It was expected that practice shows a difference from theory and approach is more emergent than planned.

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Essay: Branding Strategy of Unicer Vs SSC Company
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